iw means tourism consultancy and tourism related events. Creating and producing world class events that generate international exposure and attention and attract the global traveler.

Events that deliver high




  • Annual, sustainable, public, ticketed and unique events. Events that highlight the very best of a destination, are in line with local traditions and cultures and appeal to people from every corner of the globe.
  • iw came about as a collaboration project among experts in the fields of communications, marketing, project tourism and events working in the Middle East and Europe. All partners and experts have been collaborating in various projects for almost 10 years, bringing a collective experience of over 25 years. Our dynamic team enjoys an excellent rapport and the ability to form strong connections with new partners from different cultural backgrounds.
  • iw prides itself in bringing outstanding results with highly specialized services in a variety of places. In all areas of services – technical, operational, strategic and consulting, iw strives to achieve excellence. We are driven by a well-defined set of Core Values, including Excellence and Innovation. This fuels our intense focus on continuous improvement leading to repeated commendation by our industry, clients and beneficiaries. Our ability to meet a challenge, learn, and evolve is the very reason why iw is here today.
  • iw is exposed to and has an excellent experience with different types of organizations: NGOs, corporate enterprises, governmental authorities, the private sector and charity organisations.
  • iw has formed an in-depth understanding of the different markets it has been operating in and knows how to tailor multi-faceted communication, marketing and events solutions to leverage your brand, message, or cause.

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